Liquidity Farming and Liquidity Lockup on Uniswap v3

DeFi Primitives
Protocols and Tokens that want to implement Liquidity Farming for their Uniswap v3 token pools, can use Quadrat Strategy LP in the lockup contract with additional incentivization in Protocol's Token.
Because of the Concentrated Liquidity of Quadrat Strategies, the Liquidity Farming model with Quadrat can increase the APY % of the Token Pool to XXX% and additionally provide Y% APY in tokens.
You can use a no-code liquidity farming dashboard of Unicrypt to setup Liquidity Farming for your Strategy and incentives it.

Here is a short guideline for Liquidity Farming with Quadrat and Unicrypt.

1) Create a strategy with -20%/+150% price range for your token Uniswap v3 pool on Quadrat Protocol
2) Copy the contract address of the strategy
3) Go to Unicrypt Token Farming Dashboard -
Use Strategy Contract Address (Quadrat LP) as a Staking Asset Address.
4) Set your period of staking and rewards for the users
5) Sign a transaction to deploy your Token Liquidity Farming on Uniswap v3
6) Now your community can deposit liquidity into your Quadrat Strategy for Uniswap v3 Pool, Lock LP tokens into Unicrypt Farming Pool, and receive rewards.
7) During the Liquidity Farming Campaign you can easily rebalance your token v3 pool and Strategies to capture the maximum APY for your users.
P.s Based on our market backtests, the liquidity farming based on Quadrat Strategies for new tokens can generate up to 2000% APY for the users, and at the same time increase the Uniswap v3 Pool TVL of the Token.
For the lockup of your Uniswap v3 Liquidity, you can use Unicrypt Token Lockup Dashboard and lock your Strategy LP. You still will be able to rebalance your liquidity in the Quadrat Strategy, but won't be able to withdraw it until the lockup period is finished.