Deposit LPs into Booster Farming Campaign (for liquidity providers)

Guideline for Liquidity Providers
To participate in Quadrat Booster Staking and Farming Campaign, you need:
  • provide your liquidity to the Quadrat Strategy of the chosen pool (after that, you will receive your Quadrat LPs in your web3 wallet)
  • stake (or lock) your Quadrat LPs into the Booster Campaign
In the event that the Quadrat Booster incorporates Lockup Periods, a single deposit and liquidity lock from one wallet is permissible. In situations lacking such conditions, you have the flexibility to make multiple deposits into the Quadrat Farming Campaign.
Ensure you thoroughly review the terms and conditions about staking and potential liquidity lockups before committing your LP. Note that any token project (even a scam token) can initiate its Farming Campaign on the Quadrat Platform. The Quadrat protocol or the 0xPlasma Labs Team are not responsible for any Campaigns created and launched on their platform.
If the Quadrat Strategy is administered by the project directly, it's crucial to acknowledge the potential risk of dumping your provided liquidity in the token pool (to buy back tokens) and the possible rug pull scenario associated with the project.