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Awesome-Uniswap-v3 is a community-driven project, designed to be a resource people can use to familiarize themselves with Uniswap v3.
Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the Uniswap protocol yet; with Concentrated Liquidity offering unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance.

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Those interested in Uniswap v3 are invited to explore AUS's collection of resources below. Get to know Uniswap v3 with the help of guides, documentation, analysis pieces, tools, AMAs, podcasts, and third-party apps, and more

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Uni Grant Winners

Wave 3 - Uniswap v3 - V3 for the People

  • UNIFest - Virtual concert co-produced by the UNI community through lightweight governance
  • v3 python wrapper - Open source python wrapper for v3, enables automated trading contracts/strategies
  • Rari Capital - Nova contracts external audit - Open Zeppelin audit of Rari Capital's Nova Contracts which enables L1-L2 interop swaps
  • John Palmer - UI & tools for UNI governance - Tooling and interface for more easily launching autonomous proposals
  • Omar Bohsali - v3 LM incentive contracts - Creation and auditing of v3 liquidity mining incentive contracts
  • Rabbit Hole - v3 onboarding - Incentivized learning modules to UNI newcomers getting their feet wet with v3
  • Timothy Luke - UGP Headless Branding - Headless branding exercise from branding experts to see how to create an amorphous and growing movement of UGP participants

Wave 4 - Uniswap v3 - I Open at the Close

  • & Bravo upgrade - Gasless on-chain voting & upgrading UNI gov to Bravo
  • pyexchange v3 client - v3 python client but with Maker syntax and using pyexchange framework
  • EIP-3074 Audit - Cofunded with the EF - audit of EIP3074
  • Sunny Radadiya - v3 metatx frontend - Continuation of hackathon winning project to build frontend for stableswap metatx on v3
  • David Mihal - v3 subgrap - v3 subgraphs for
  • Omni Analytics - UNISwappR - Installable package within R, enabling Uniswap data to be pulled directly from the blockchain
  • Vulcanize DB - vulcanize GQL watchers - Alternative to UNI subgraph with potentially promising performance improvements
  • Omar Bohsali - uniswap v3 devtools - Convenient libraries for v3 development
  • Defilab_xyz V3 simulation tool - Leveling up the viral beautiful V3 LP simulator & educational tool
  • Buidl Guidl - v3 bounties - Bounties to support web3 newcomers building on uniswap hosted by Austin Griffith
  • DAO Research Coop - Research for DAO best practices led by Connor Spelliscy, cofunded by Aave Grants and Compound Grants

Wave 5 - Uniswap v3 - The Community & Beyond

Wave 6 - Uniswap v3 - GM 2022

  • Liquifi open source vesting contracts - open source DAO vesting contracts and dashboard for DAO workers to capture upside through vesting
  • Omni Analytics - UNISwappR Follow-on - Expansion of the UNISwappR library and tooling
  • v3 golang SDK - Daoleno - v3 golang SDK - Daoleno
  • Gelato Finance G-UNI - Upgrade G-UNI from alpha to enable users to more easily create, share, and deploy own designed decentralized pools
  • Yewbow - Guillaume Lambert - educational v3 LP onboarding interface to explore metrics, strategies, and more!

Wave 7 - Uniswap v3 - buidlers buidlers buidlers

  • v3 Staking Frontend - open source webapp to easily deploy v3 LP incentivizes
  • - extending to include L2 backtesting tool, vault manager and performance comparisons
  • v3 TWAP Dev Tools - Chaos Labs - improving existing TWAP devtooling

Wave 8 - Uniswap v3 - The Community is The Protocol

  • Chaos Labs - TWAP Hardhat plugin - Hardhat tooling for easy simulation of Uniswap-v3 TWAP behaviours
  • Time weight quoter for v3 - Building a time weighted average precise quoter (TWAQ) and optimized router
  • Mean Finance - static-call TWAP contract - Implementation of static-callable TWAP contract for any token pairs
  • eth-hentai python tool - v3 python library to easily pull trade data for trade strategy simulations
  • Seedle Finance - Feature expansion such as "Swap & Add" and "Search & Deploy flow"