Managing Quadrat Booster Farming Campaigns

After you created your Quadrat Booster Farming Campaign you can still manage different parameters:
  • Deposit Rewards multiple times (if you see that your APY is dropped during the increased staked liquidity, you can add more rewards and update booster to increase Booster APY)
  • Manage the Start and Finish date/time of your Campaign (settings can be changed only before the campaign starts)
  • Manage Boosting Periods (before the Campaign Start date)
  • Manage Lockup Periods (before the Campaign Start date)
  • Manage Min deposit and Min Staking Period (before the Campaign Start date)
In the event of an urgent issue, or if any problems are detected with your Farming Campaign or Token, administrators can halt the Campaign and extract all remaining rewards. Post cancellation, users maintain the ability to retract their locked funds and any remaining earned rewards.