Quadrat NFT Pass

Quadrat Investment Club, Liquidity Alliance & DAO
Quadrat is a premium active liquidity management protocol for Uniswap v3 with the highest APY on the DeFi market.
Access to Quadrat Protocol will be limited to 10,000 seats (LPs and Asset Managers) and provided only for Quadrat NFT Pass owners.
Quadrat NFT Pass page on Opensea
Quadrat NFT Pass is the first DeFi NFT that gives premium access to Quadrat Protocol, Quadrat DAO, Quadrat Investment Club, Quadrat Uniswap Asset Managers Alliance and Quadrat Liquidity Alliance.
Quadrat NFT Pass Total Emission: 10,000 NFTs

NFT User Groups

There are 5 types of Quadrat NFT Pass with different rarity and utilities:
Sublime Galaxy (100 NFTs) - private club of the largest VCs, DeFi and Hedge Funds. Access to the Private Discord Group and liquidity strategies. Quadrat Governance L1.
Midnight Rainbow (100 NFTs) - Uniswap Team, DeFi protocols, DeFi Twitter Gods, Investment DAOs, DEX Market Makers. Private Discord Group. Quadrat Governance L2.
Black Forest (200 NFTs) - 0xPlasma Network, Media, Advisors, Reserves. Private Discord Group. Quadrat Governance L3.
Golden Ray (500 NFTs) - Top Uniswap v3 LPs and Asset Managers across all chains.
Bronze State (9100 NFTs) - Public NFT (mint, pool). Public Group, access to public strategies.

NFT Distribution

Quadrat NFT Pass Distribution:
  • 100 NFTs → airdrop for 0xPlasma Network and Quadrat Advisors
  • 50 NFTs → airdrop to Twitter and Youtube Crypto Influencers
  • 50 NFTs → airdrop to Top-50 DeFi Protocol DAOs
  • 100 NFTs → distributed to Quadrat Community via minting whitelist with a pre-sale price
  • 100 NFTs → airdrop to top-100 VCs, DeFi and Hedge Funds
  • 500 NFTs → airdrop to top-500 Uniswap LPs across four chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum.
  • 100 NFTs → Quadrat Reserves
  • 9,000 NFTs → distributed via open pool on SudoSwap (owned by Uniswap) protocol with a bonding curve price mechanism [read more about pool distribution]

How to get Quadrat NFT Pass and Access to the Protocol

1) Follow our Discord and Twitter Channels to get all updates and news first
2) Participate in our weekly content for the community. Every week you can win one spot in the pre-mint whitelist. We open 10 spots every week. Pre-mint NFT price ~500$ (ETH).
3) If you are managing more than 1.000.000$ of liquidity you can get one free airdrop of Golden Ray NFT.
4) If you hold $PPAY token you can buy an NFT pass from SudoSwap Pool $PPAY/$Quadrat. The pool is limited to 50 NFTs only. Check more information in the Discord Channel.
5) Buy Quadrat NFT Pass from the public SudoSwap Pool ETH/Quadrat. The price for NFT Pass in the pool is based on the Exponential Curve and starts from 0.5 ETH.

The first SudoSwap Pool for $PPAY Community [PPAY/Quadrat_NFT] - 50 NFTs were sold out in a second:

The second SudoSwap [Quadrat_NFT / ETH] Pool - only 50 NFTs. Price starts from 1 ETH with a 1% step up on each purchase.