How to deposit assets in Strategies

Deposit Process
When you deposit assets in the Strategy with an active price range, you need to hold two assets in the wallet.
When you deploy assets in a strategy that is currently out of the Active Price Range, you only need to provide one-side asset.


1) Go to Quadrat Strategy Dashboard and Click on the Assets to Open Strategy Page.
2) Type one asset amount in the Deposit tab field
3) You will see how much both assets you need to provide in the Strategy to make a Deposit
4) if you have an insufficient balance on your wallet of one of the assets, you can use HyperDEX to swap your assets in the right proportion. We don't provide auto swap and deposit due to security reasons and the safety of your assets.
4.1) If you deposit assets using one of the native chain tokens, like ETH or Matic, you need first to wrap it and receive wETH or wMatic respectively to your wallet. Only wrapped tokens can be used in the Quadrat Strategy.
To wrap your tokens, please open HyperDEX and chose assets: From "Matic" To "wMatic", for example. Put the amount of Matic to wrap and sign a transaction.
You can unwrap your wrapped tokens at any time following the reverse process.
5) After you have both assets in the right proportion in your wallet, you need to Approve both assets to use in the Strategy Smart Contract. Click the "Approve" button and sign a transaction in the wallet.
6) After both approved transactions will be confirmed by the blockchain, you can click the "Deposit" button, sign a transaction in your wallet and deposit assets.
7) After you successfully deployed capital to the strategy, you will receive the LP tokens of the strategy, which reflect your share in the current strategy and the right to the assets that you placed there.
If you don't see your LP Strategy Tokens on the wallet after the deposit, please copy the Strategy Contract Address and manually add it as a Token in your Wallet.
If you lose your wallet keys or lose LP tokens then your assets in the Strategy will be compromised and potentially lost. Never share your wallet's private keys with anyone else or type them in any only service. Use only a non-custodial Plasma Wallet to store your funds safely and interact with Plasma dApp.
The Quadrat Protocol is a non-custodial protocol. Your assets in the protocol automatically will be deployed to Uniswap v3 Pool at the Strategy's Price Range, and only your wallet can withdraw assets back from the Strategy.
To properly calculate your deposit amount and the final returns, use the current USD price of each asset when you deposit and withdraw funds in the Strategy. When you withdraw your funds from Strategy you will receive them in a different proportion than you deposited.
You can always find your active Strategy Deposits in the Portfolio Tab on the Quadrat Strategy Page.