How to create Farming on Uniswap v3 using Quadrat Booster

This whole page is dedicated for projects/teams who wish to create their own stake or farm pool on Uniswap v3/Pancakeswap v3 to allow their community to participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards.
Before creating a Farming Campaign for your token pool, please check that:
  • You have created your token pool with a fee tier on Uniswap v3/Pancakeswap v3, set the correct price and added initial liquidity to that pool
  • You have created a Quadrat Strategy for your Uniswap v3 pool using our Quadrat UI
While you have a Quadrat Strategy and its contract address, you can start creating your Staking/Farming Campaign with Quadrat Booster.
You can also reach out to the Quadrat Team to setup your Strategy with an auto-rebalancing strategy, otherwise, you will need to manage it manually with all users' funds.
You can create multiple Boosters for the same Quadrat Strategy and token v3 pool, using different terms and timelines.

How to create a Farm with Quadrat Booster

First, copy your Quadrat Strategy Contract Address, you can find it on the Strategy Page:
Check that your chosen Chain is correct in Metamask or another web3 wallet.
Open the Booster Creating page 👉 [link]

1. Choose Quadrat Strategy for Staking/Farming Campaign

Put your Quadrat Strategy Contract Address in this field, and you will see the real-time data of your chosen Token Strategy.
Don't use any other contract or token addresses in this field.

2. Choose the ERC-20 Token that you will be using to reward your community

You have two options here:
  • Reward in LP tokens. Your community will receive rewards in the LP tokens of the same Quadrat Strategy. This option increases the final APY of the users, as all LP tokens for rewards will also receive an additional APY from the strategy during the farming campaign. To use this option you will have to provide your token liquidity in the same Quadrat Strategy to receive Strategy's LP tokens.
  • Reward in ERC-20 Token. Classical format of the Farming/Staking Campaign when the community is receiving the project's token as a reward for liquidity provision. You can use any ERC-20 token for this option (your token, WETH, USDC, etc.).
Advanced option: As you can use any erc-20 token for rewards, you can play around with this option with more structured derivatives. For example, you can lock your token in your project staking contract and use this staked token as a reward token.
Please consider that you will be able to deposit tokens for rewards only after you create your Farming Contract. In this initial step, you only need to choose the token for rewards.

3. Choose a timeline for Staking/Farming Campaign

Now you need to set up your start and finish date/time for the future Farming Campaign. All times and dates are in UTC format.
Keep in mind that the timing for the Booster Protocol is dictated by the block number on the blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, etc). If a campaign is created significantly ahead of its commencement date, the estimated start and end times may be subject to minor adjustments. In some cases, you can change again Start and Finish Date right before the campaign begins.
You will be able to change this setting after creating a Farming Campaign and before it starts.

4. Set a lockup period for liquidity, LP boosting (optional)

Should you wish to encourage users to maintain their liquidity for extended durations, you have the option to establish varying lockup periods coupled with enhancement bonuses. This is a discretionary feature. Please note, it can only be configured at the point of creation and is not modifiable thereafter.

5. Setup a Bonus Period (optional)

To foster early liquidity provision during the inception of the Farming Campaign, an Initial Bonus Period can be configured. Users who stake their Liquidity Pool tokens (LPs) within this timeframe will benefit from a bonus multiplier (e.g., 200%, 2X, 3X), which will enhance their rewards throughout the entire farming period.

6. Staking Terms (optional)

In this section, you currently have the capability to establish two supplementary conditions for users:
  1. 1.
    Minimum staking period - This is the duration during which liquidity, once provided to the campaign, will be locked for all stakes in the contract. This measure acts as a safeguard against rapid staking and subsequent reward dumping in the market.
  2. 2.
    Minimum staking amount - This defines the least quantity of tokens that users are required to stake (stake attempts with a smaller amount will result in transaction reversal). This can be utilized to incentivize larger holders and liquidity providers, as well as motivate the community to supply additional liquidity to the pool. Be careful calculating the number of LPs for the minimum staking amount.

7. Sign the Transaction to create your Farming Campaign and its Contract.

Once you have completed all configuration steps, select the "Create Campaign" button and sign the transaction via your Web3 Wallet (aka Metamask or Plasma Wallet).
Creating a Farming Campaign is a paid feature of Quadrat Protocol. Pay attention to the fees you pay for creating a Booster Campaign.

8. Deposit your Reward Tokens to the Quadrat Booster

After the deployment of your Quadrat Booster, you now have the opportunity to deposit Liquidity Pool tokens (LPs) or other Tokens as rewards for your Campaign.
You can add these rewards multiple times throughout the Farming Campaign period.
Please note that after each deposit of rewards, you need to execute a separate transaction to 'Update Booster.' This step recalculates the rewards for all participants.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) also have the capability to contribute rewards to the Farming Campaign by transferring tokens directly to the Booster Campaign Contract. Anyone can update Booster contract after that by calling the Update function in the Contract Read UI (on blockchain explorer).
For guidelines on calculating the amount of the optimal reward to enhance Liquidity and Annual Percentage Yield (APY), please refer to the following link.

Launch Booster Staking/Farming Campaign

Once all configurations are in place, you are now ready to distribute the link to your Quadrat Strategy amongst your community. This action initiates the growth of your Total Value Locked (TVL).
Best of luck! 🔥