NFT Pool for Public Distribution

SudoSwap Pool and Distribution Model
Quadrat NFT Pass will be publicly distributed via SudoSwap NFT Pool.
Pool Price Model: Bonding Curve - Exponential Curve
Start Price (NFT #1) = 1 ETH (start floor price)
Price Delta = Each time somebody purchases NFT, the NFT price will adjust up by 0.05%, every time somebody sells NFT, the NFT price will adjust down by 0.05%
Final Price (NFT #9000) = 53.923 ETH (final floor price)
Quadrat NFT Pass Price Chart:
Quadrat NFT Pass Pool Price Model on SudoSwap
SudoSwap Pool will be opened for NFT trading until all 9000 NFTs will be purchased from the market.
After the NFT Pool will be sold out, NFT trading will be available only on the secondary market (Gem, Opensea, LooksRare, etc.)
All funds from the Quadrat NFT Pass sale will be distributed to Quadrat Strategies, fees will be distributed to Quadrat Treasure, controlled by Quadrat Governance.

The first SudoSwap Pool for $PPAY Community [PPAY/Quadrat_NFT] - 50 NFTs were sold out in a second:

The second SudoSwap [Quadrat_NFT / ETH] Pool - only 50 NFTs. Price starts from 1 ETH with a 1% step up on each purchase.